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About Us

As a husband and wife-owned venture nestled in the heart of Colorado, our passion for photography, DJ, and videography services is a reflection of our shared dedication and love for storytelling. United by our craft, we blend our individual talents to create an immersive experience for our clients. With a deep appreciation for the beauty of Colorado's landscapes and the joy of celebrating life's moments, we infuse every project with our unique partnership, aiming to craft unforgettable memories that resonate with authenticity and warmth.

Doing Something Different

Breaking away from convention, we've curated a unique experience by offering an all-inclusive package of photography, videography, and DJ services within one comprehensive hub for all events. It's about revolutionizing the event landscape, introducing a streamlined approach where seamless coordination meets exceptional creativity. Picture this: a centralized destination where every detail of your event is expertly captured, from stunning visuals to rhythmic beats, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Our unified services eliminate the hassle of sourcing multiple vendors, ensuring a cohesive narrative that effortlessly intertwines every moment, ensuring that your event becomes an enchanting symphony of sights and sounds, leaving an indelible impression that resonates long after the occasion has ended.

Meet Our Team


Emily is a photographer renowned for her talent in freezing fleeting moments in time. Through her lens, ordinary scenes become extraordinary, imbued with emotion and depth. Emily's dedication to storytelling through imagery translates into evocative photographs that speak volumes, capturing the raw emotion and genuine beauty within every frame. Her meticulous eye for detail ensures that each photograph is not just an image, but an entire narrative waiting to be explored.

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Ken, a multi-talented photographer and DJ, has a knack for both photography and DJ services. His photography skillfully captures raw emotions and authentic moments, while his DJ expertise sets the rhythm for unforgettable experiences. Ken's dedication to visual storytelling and musical mastery ensures that each photograph and every beat align to create seamless, vibrant narratives, reflecting the energy and spirit of every event he touches.

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Our associate photographer Sammie emerges as a promising talent in the realm of photography, blessed with an innate gift for capturing moments effortlessly. With a natural eye for composition and detail, Sammie's work resonates with an unspoken eloquence, painting stories through the lens. Each frame crafted by this up-and-coming photographer reveals a unique perspective, showcasing a blend of raw emotion and artistry that signifies a burgeoning talent on the brink of making a captivating mark in the world of photography.

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Drew, our visionary videographer, brings an unparalleled passion for storytelling through moving imagery. With an innate ability to weave narratives and capture moments, Drew's lens transforms ordinary scenes into captivating stories. His dedication to visual storytelling is evident in every frame he captures, crafting immersive videos that transport viewers into the heart of the story. Drew's talent as a videographer shines through in his ability to create compelling narratives that leave a lasting impression.

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Meet Cody, our dynamic DJ extraordinaire, whose passion for music transcends boundaries. With an infectious energy and an eclectic taste in tunes, Cody curates beats that transform gatherings into unforgettable experiences. His ability to read the room and craft seamless playlists tailored to each occasion ensures that every event is a unique celebration. Whether it's setting the vibe for a wedding reception or igniting the dance floor at a party, Cody's expertise as a DJ elevates every moment, leaving a lasting rhythm that echoes long after the last song fades.

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Introducing our latest addition, DJ Nathanael! With a vibrant passion for music and an unparalleled knack for setting the perfect vibe, Nathanael brings fresh beats and contagious energy to elevate your celebrations. Get ready to groove to his dynamic tunes and experience an unforgettable event filled with rhythm and excitement!

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Meet Nina, our multi-talented associate photographer and hairstylist extraordinaire! With a keen eye for capturing timeless moments behind the lens and a flair for creating stunning hairstyles, Nina brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to your special day. From framing perfect shots to ensuring your hair looks flawless, she's dedicated to making your moments picture-perfect and unforgettable.

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